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Stakeholders Commission

Dialog at Kalinin NPP. March, 2015.

In order to improve Concern’s public reporting system and to ensure acceptance of the Concern’s activity by communities through involving stakeholders in the dialog, in 2013 the Stakeholders Commission was created at the Concern’s initiative which included representatives of key groups of stakeholders: local communities, non-government and environmental organizations and associations, scientists and experts, public persons, and representatives of mass media, suppliers, and contractors.

The Commission’s goals consist in ensuring acceptance by communities of development of nuclear power industry in Russia, joint preparation of recommendations for decision-making in the area of sustainable development of the Concern and nuclear power industry in general, and communications with people and non-government organizations on the issues connected with the use of nuclear energy. Members of the Stakeholders Commission take an active part in dialogs and community consultations, discussing annual reports of the Concern as well as in the procedure of public affirmation of the annual reports.