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Interaction with Stakeholders in Reporting Period

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The Concern strives for ensuring the highest level of openness and transparency of its activity by implementing the principle of active dialog with stakeholders. The Concern supports active communications with all interested stakeholders, timely providing significant information on all aspects of its activity and responding to requests and suggestions of stakeholders.

The approach to interaction is based on the following principles:

The map of stakeholders and the nature of interaction are provided in the Concern’s annual report for 2012 (page 196).

Main Forms of Communications and Information Sharing

  • Public discussions
  • Environmental reports
  • Presentations
  • Mass media
  • Special Projects
  • Blogosphere
  • Interaction as a part of preparation
    of public annual report


In strict compliance with legislation of the Russian Federation, when planning its activities that can have considerable impact on the environment and the local communities, the Concern initiates public discussions. Among the participants are experts representing R&D organizations and designers, supervisory agencies, federal, regional, and local government agencies, NGOs, environmentalists, the press, and the broader public.

Public discussions are a set of activities forming part of evaluation of environmental impact of prospective economic and other activity held with a view to inform the public about planned activities and its possible impact on the environment, to identify public preferences and consider them for impact assessment, and to protect the rights, liberty, and legitimate interests of citizens within areas targeted for specific business operations of significance.

Overall, in 2014, 16 public discussions were held in the Concern’s areas of presence. More than 8,000 persons took part in them. The «case» of each public discussions includes 100 or more activities involving communities, regulatory agencies, and mass media and involves explaining of planned activity and its safety principles for human and environment.


The Fund for Promotion of Development of Municipalities «Association of Areas of Presence of Nuclear Plants» (AAP NP Fund) was created in 2013. Their founders are Rosenergoatom Concern OJSC and municipal entities where nuclear plants are located. The fund is yet another efficient mechanism of interaction between the Concern’s management with municipal governments in the area of implementation of projects and programs facilitating social, economic, and infrastructural development of satellite towns of nuclear plants, increasing their attraction as a place to live.

In 2014, 4 meetings of the Management Board of the AAP NP Fund were held. Members of the Management Board of the Fund took part in the 9th International Dialog Forum «Nuclear Power, Society, and Safety» in Moscow, in the 7th Regional Dialog Forum in Krasnoyarsk, in the conference and ceremonial events in the city of Obninsk dedicated to the 60th anniversary of the nuclear industry, and in industry-level workshop on monitoring of the social and political situation in the regions of presence of Rosatom State Corporation.

In 2014 the great attention was paid to the international cooperation of the Fund with the Concern’s partner countries in the nuclear power industry. In April the Memorandum on Cooperation was signed between the Fund and the district execution committees of the Minsk and Grodno Oblasts of the Republic of Belarus. In November the Agreement on Establishing Twin-Cities Relations between the Towns of Harkany (Hungary) and Kurchatov (Russia). In September the delegation of the Fund visited Finland to exchange best practices in the areas of municipal construction and work with communities in the area of safe use of nuclear power. In December the Memorandum on Cooperation was signed between the Fund and Non-Governmental Organization on Control, Information, and Regional Development of Hungary (TEIT).

Being 2014 the Year of Culture in the Russian Federation, the Fund organized visiting exhibitions and master classes of the Hungarian photo artist Bálint Vincze at all locations of NPPs and became one of the sponsors of the 7th Festival of Accordionists and Bayanists in Paks (Hungary). Children from the Russian towns located around NPPs took part in the competitive program of the festival.

In 2014 AAP NP Fund carried out another contest of the socially important projects among non-commercial organizations of the areas of NPP location. 41 project were recognized as winners, and all projects were successfully implemented.


Non-Governmental Environmental Organizations have a real possibility to obtain unbiased information about the state of ecological, radiation, and energy safety of NPPs. Representatives of various environmental organizations and movements form part of the Stakeholders Commission.

In particular, the Inter-Regional Non-Governmental Environmental Movement «Oka» routinely conducts ecological expeditions to operating NPPs and construction sites of new nuclear power units as a part of the long-term program «Civic Watch in Nuclear Power Industry». In 2014 ecological expeditions were conducted at Rostov and Smolensk NPP. The movement carried out research using their own specialists and professional certification equipment, with participation and under supervision of independent mass media, and announced the obtained unbiased and reliable results to wide public and government authorities. The results of this work attracted great attention of the largest industry-level, Russian, and international mass media.

At the meeting of the Public Council of the State Corporation S.V. Kirienko, the General Director of Rosatom, awarded Novovoronezh NPP for activity in the development of environmental culture. Kalinin and Beloyarsk NPPs were also awarded at the Concluding Conference on Environmental Culture at the end of the year.


The information on operation of nuclear plants and radiation environment in the towns of NPP location is available on the Concern’s official website and websites of nuclear power plants. Press releases and information communications are posted there without delays. The Concern’s website – The website contains real-time information about radiation monitoring of Russian nuclear power plants. Furthermore, all nuclear power plants have 24/7 automatic responding machines providing information about current operation of NPP and radiation environment on a daily basis.

The information support of the operation of nuclear power plants is coordinated by the Departments of Information and Public Relations of each NPP. Reports on production and social materials are posted on the Concern’s website, in corporate and regional print editions, in broadcast programs of local and federal television channels, in blogs, etc.

In case of emergency situations in NPP operation there is a mechanism in place ensuring quick notification involving press editions of towns and areas of location of NPPs, urban and regional television and radio channels, information agencies, press services of the governor and regional government, press services of regional departments of the Ministry of Emergency Situations and the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Russia. The notification mechanism is used not just in case of emergency situations but also against attempts of information attacks, in case knowingly false information is distributed.

Press tours and visits to nuclear power plants involving representatives of Russian mass media and foreign journalists became a tradition.


One of the most important areas of informational interaction is educational work among population and communities. Exhibitions located in Community Information Centers of NPPs receive from 3 to 5 thousand visitors each year. Special education projects are implemented, such as the «Nuclear Academy for Children» (Kola NPP), «Kurchatov Public Readings for Children» (Beloyarsk NPP), and «Today’s Fiction is Tomorrow’s Reality» (Kalinin NPP) addressed to schoolchildren and students. This includes a unique project called «Atom Classes» implemented in areas of presence of the Concern as a part of the civic educational initiative «Rosatom’s School». The project provides for complete re-equipment of physics classrooms in schools with advanced equipment and devices, including interactive multimedia and special tool kits for laboratory and science experiments. In 2014 new Atom Classes opened in the Physics and Mathematical School No. 3 of the town of Kurchatov and Ye.I. Ignatenko Secondary School No. 62 in the settlement of Novy Eroglyk (Rostov Oblast). Currently Atom Classes function in the following towns: Angarsk, Volgodonsk, Glazov, Zarechny (Sverdlovsk Oblast), Zelenogorsk, Kovrov, Nizhny Novgorod, Novovoronezh, Novouralsk, Rostovon-Don, Seversk, Sosnovy Bor, Elektrostal, and Orlenok All-Russia Children’s Center.

Public Awareness Centers at nuclear plants have a chain of Clean Energy clubs as a meeting place for local reporters who regularly write on the issues of the nuclear sector. The clubs organize interviews, press conferences, and subject-oriented press tours.

On November 18-19, 2014 the Concern and nuclear plants hosted a videoconference workshop for teachers which connected all locations of Russian NPPs. Approximately 245 teachers of physics, biology, and basics of personal and social safety took part in the event organized by the Concern jointly with the V.I.Vernadsky Non-Government Environmental Fund for Employees of Educational Institutions of NPP Towns. On November 25-26 the similar educational workshop was held for medical doctors of the municipal entities where NPPs are located. The workshop was simultaneously attended by 220 employees of medical institutions.


The Concern’s management attaches great importance to survey of public opinion on the issues of development of the nuclear power industry.

In September 2014 NTTs Perspektiva ( conducted a survey in Voronezh, Kursk, Leningrad, Murmansk, Rostov, Saratov, Sverdlovsk, Smolensk, and Tver Oblasts (regions where NPPs are located). The survey showed that in one year the opinion of local residents about nuclear plants in the areas of presence improved. 86% of residents of Russian regions where nuclear plants (branches of Rosenergoatom Concern) are located were in favor of the active development of nuclear power industry or its maintenance on the current level. In 2013 they constituted 73%: 56% of respondents considered their opinion to NPPs as positive, and 74% told so in 2014. Furthermore, if in 2013 the use of nuclear power as one of the means to provide the country with electricity was supported by 67% of respondents, in 2014 the number increased to 79%.


In 2014 the blog of Yevgeny Romanov, the Concern’s General Director (, and blogs of nuclear plants ( continued their operation at the blog platform of Rosatom State Corporation. The blogs are used to post answers of the General Director to questions asked by the readers as well as to post current information about NPP operations. The readership audience of the blog totals 20,000 users per month. From start of the blog, approximately 500 questions and more than 1,000 comments were submitted to Yevgeny Romanov, the General Director in one year. In 2014 the project «The General Director’s Blog» took the 2nd place in the annual industry-wide contest of the best personnel management practices «Simple Stories of Success» of Rosatom State Corporation.