generating records annual report 2014

Corporate Governance

The Concern applies certain norms of the Corporate Conduct Code recommended by letter No. 06-52/2463 dated April 10, 2014 of the Bank of Russia to its daily practice taking into account the specifics of the legal status of Rosatom State Corporation set forth in regulations of the Russian Federation which provides for unified management of organizations operating in the nuclear power industry; these norms of the Corporate Conduct Code are reflected in a number of local regulations.

GOALS OF CORPORATE MANAGEMENT Strategic priorities in the corporate management
  • Improving perception of Concern’s activity through timely and quality disclosure of information.
  • Introducing best Russian and international practice into the corporate management system in the area of corporate management, business ethics, and principles of openness and transparency.
  • Creation of an efficient system for safeguard of funds provided by stockholders and their efficient use.
  • Equal and fair treatment to all stockholders when they exercise their right to take part in management.
  • Recognition of staturory rights of stakeholders.
  • Timely and accurate disclosure of information on all significant events associated with Concern’s activity.
  • Disclosure of the information subject to mandatory disclosure according to legislation on Concern’s website.
  • Implementation of control over fulfillment of resolutions of the Board of Directors in order to increase efficiency of corporate management (the Board of Directors will review a report on fulfillment of the adopted resolutions twice a year).