generating records annual report 2014

Information Technology

In 2014 we worked in three main areas: IT infrastructure, information security, and applicable information systems. Great attention was paid to issue of organizational and administrative documents formalizing interactions of the Information Technology Department (ITD) and the Concern’s subdivisions interested in automation of business processes.


In 2014 the IT infrastructure of the Data Processing Center (DPC) of the Concern’s Crisis Center located at 25 Ferganskaya Street is used for the projects coordinated by ITD.

The standard DPCs were supplied, assembled, and put into operation at Beloyarsk and Kalinin NPPs. Work on putting DPCs into pilot operation at Kursk NPP is about to complete. A distributed redundant computer system (“Metrocluster”) of the Concern’s Headquarters is created. Equipment for the auxiliary data transfer hardware and software complex project (Stage 1) was supplied to branches. The system of multiflow online broadcasting and recording of meetings and conferences of the Concern is created and put into operation.

Design and exploration work was completed at Kalinin NPP with respect to the project of supportive DPCs; design and estimate documents are prepared; currently the project is under expert review. The competitive process is on the way to determine the construction contractor.

The construction of the supportive DPCs is scheduled for 2Q 2015. Before November 2015 the auxiliary data transfer hardware and software complexes (Stages 2 and 3) will be supplied and deployed at nine NPPs.


In 2014, in addition to development and updating organizational, administrative, and regulatory documents on information security of the Concern, the automated audible warning system certification was completed, and certificateson conformance with the information security requirements were obtained for the relevant facilities: Headquarters, Balakovo, Beloyarsk, Kalinin, Kola, Kursk, Leningrad, Novovoronezh, Rostov, and Smolensk NPPs. Firewalling complexes are implemented at the Concern’s Headquarters and 9 operating NPPs. They protect the corporate network from cyber-threats.

The information protection subsystem against unauthorized access based on SecretNet software was introduced at the operating NPPs and the Concern’s Headquarters.

As planned, jointly with the DES inspections on information protection of IT systems were conducted at Kursk NPP, Leningrad NPP, Leningrad NPP-2, and Rostov NPP. All work listed above is aimed at improvement of the unified integrated system of the Concern’s information security.


As a part of the Information and Communication Technologies (“ICT”) Development Program, the automated system of technical documentation management is prepared and introduced in commercial operation at the Concern’s Headquarters and at Balakovo NPP to the extend of managing regulatory documents of the Headquarters and production and technical documents of Balakovo NPP. The System ensures storage and quick access to over 15,000 technical documents of the Headquarters and over 75,000 production and technical documents and notifications of Balakovo NPP.

The development of the system functionality to the extent of storage and management of design and detailed design documentation of NPPs under construction and other operating documents of NPPs, replication of the system for all NPPs are scheduled for 2015-2016.

The information subsystem for supporting qualification on labor protection, rules for operation repairs and safety (hereinafter, ISSQ) was developed and put into commercial operation at Balakovo NPP. The subsystem is a part of the Concern’s personnel management system in addition to its basic part – industry-level system for personnel management ISPPM. ISSQ is replicated and prepared for putting into pilot operation at Leningrad NPP. Here, ISPPM has been commercially operated since 2011.

ISSQ functionality development is planned for 2015-2016. The development will include storage and processing of historical personnel data of NPPs, replication of the Concern’s personnel management system (ISPPM integrated with ISSQ) to all remaining NPPs, except for Bilibino NPP.

As a part of implementation of the Program for Development of Information Systems of NPP Production and Operation Block, in 2014 the basic functionality of the Information System for NPP Operation Support (IS OS) was developed and implemented at the 3rd power unit of Smolensk NPP. The system is currently being implemented at the 1st and 2nd power units. The following objects are subject to automation within the IS OS of NPPs:

In 2014 the Integrated System for Centralized Operation Planning and Production Management is put into commercial operation at Balakovo, Smolensk, and Kalinin NPPs and at the Headquarters. Its implementation at Rostov and Kursk NPP is currently in process.

The implementation of the integrated system is scheduled for 2015-2016 at four NPPs of the Concern. The implemented functionality provides for data collection, storage, transmission, calculation; analytical functions, and display of information about the current status of NPP. It facilitates operation with 2,000-2,500 process parameters with their collection and storage at NPP level as well as transmission of all these parameters to the Concern’s Crisis Center which is the main data consumer. Also, it constitutes the basis platform for the tasks of reservation of collection and storage of parameters in the protected emergency response control post. In addition to the option of data transmission from NPP level to the level of the Headquarters the platform permits organizing data transmission from the Headquarters to NPPs.