generating records annual report 2014

Developing Generating Potential

Novovoronezh NPP-2 and Leningrad NPP-2 are the first plants to be built in Russia from scratch for the last thirty years.


Pursuant to Energy Strategy of Russia until 2030, General Allocation Pattern for Energy Facilities of Russia until 2020, and taking into account the long-term development until 2030, the Concern provides for increase in the share of nuclear power in energy balance of Russia at the same time ensuring necessary safety level, including by way of building new power units of NPPs.

In 2014, construction work on erection of 9 new power units and 1 floating power unit was in progress at the Concern’s nuclear power plants. Six of them were constructed according to the NPP-2006 design which became an evolutionary step in development of the Russian nuclear power industry.

In 2014, construction of new power units was effected under general contractor agreements with engineering companies NIAEP JSC, Atomenergoproekt JSC, and UK Uralenergostroy LLC. General contractors and contractors were selected according to the requirements of the Unified Industry Procurement Standard of Rosatom State Corporation.

NPP Power Units under Construction: Volume of Construction Work Performed (% of Plan Fulfilled)
No. Name of NPP Power unit availability
1 Beloyarsk NPP, power unit No. 4, BN-800 Physical launch (start)
2 Novovoronezh NPP-2, power unit No. 1, VVER-1200 81%
3 Novovoronezh NPP-2, power unit No. 2, VVER-1200 40%
4 Leningrad NPP-2, power unit No. 1, VVER-1200 62%
5 Leningrad NPP-2, power unit No. 2, VVER-1200 27%
6 Rostov NPP, power unit No. 3, VVER-1000 Physical launch, power start up
7 Rostov NPP, power unit No. 4, VVER-1000 17%
8 Baltic NPP, power unit No. 1, VVER-1200 14%
9 Baltic NPP, power unit No. 2, VVER-1200 2%
Building New NPP Power Units in 2014
NPP Power unit No. Power unit type Results
Beloyarsk NPP № 4 BN-800 Work on 500 kV switchgear (cells 1, 2, 4, and 5) were completed. Construction and assembly operations at 3rd loop of the 2nd contour were completed and ready for filling with sodium. Turbine assembly and setting of turbine at hydraulic ratchet pump were completed. The test consisting in filling condenser with a vacuum was conducted.
Novovoronezh NPP-2 № 1 VVER-1200 Voltage was supplied to gas-insulated switchgear of 220 kV from overhead line. ITVS were supplied.
№ 2 VVER-1200 (NPP-2006 project) The dome was covered with internal containment (20UJAreactor building). The ring of the base RU was assembled.
Leningrad NPP-2 № 1 VVER-1200 (NPP-2006 project) Reactor vessel was installed on its proper location (reactor building (10UJA)). Polar crane was put into operation, Start of welding work at main circulation piping in the reactor building (10UJA).
№ 2 VVER-1200 (NPP-2006 project) De-aerator is installed on its proper location. Turbine-generator pedestal is assembled. Supporting truss in the reactor building is assembled.
Rostov NPP № 3 VVER-1000 The systems are prepared for spillage to open reactor. The systems and equipment are prepared to civil defense test. Stage B (Physical launch) is performed. Turbo-generator is synchronized and connected to network.
№ 4 VVER-1000 The crane with lifting capacity of 200 t is registered in the turbine room. Supporting truss is installed on its proper location.
Baltic NPP № 1 VVER-1200 (NPP-2006 project) Operations performed as a part of activities following decision on additional placement of power units of low and medium capacity.
№ 2 VVER-1200 (NPP-2006 project)
Kursk NPP-2 № 1 VVER-1200 (VVER-TOI project) Preparatory operations were performed.
№ 2 VVER-1200 (VVER-TOI project)
Progress of Main Physical Volumes of Construction and Assembly Operations in 2013-2014
Work types Unit 2013 2014
Reinforcement t 45 011 27 186
Concreting m3 377 419 313 044
Process pipelines t 19 131 18 367
Metal structures т 32 714 16 351
Equipment assembly т 30 176 23 141


Due to the current economical situation and tough competition in the NPP design market the Concern faces the task of significant reduction of cost and timelines for construction of new NPP power units. NPP-2006 is currently the basic design for organized serial construction of NPPs of the Russian design both in Russia and abroad.

The construction cost of a standard two-unit NPP according to this design totals 43.4 bln rubles in the basis prices of the year 2000, or 245.2 bln rubles in prices of the 1Q 2014. The power start of the first power unit of an NPP constructed under the NPP-2006 design is accomplished in 6 years and 7 months, and of the second power unit – in 7 years and 7 months after project launch. Maximum expenses on financing of a two-unit NPP are incurred on the fi fth year of construction.

New techniques based on the Rosatom Production System are implemented in order to reduce construction timelines of new power units:

For the first time in Russia, at Leningrad NPP-2 the 328 t reactor vessel of the first power unit was installed using the open top technique using heavy-duty caterpillar crane Liebherr LR 11350. The operation was performed in compliance with all industrial safety requirements.

The quality management system which complies with international standard ISO 9001:2008 “Quality Management Systems. Requirements” was developed and implemented in 2014 by the Concern’s Facility Construction Management Branch in order to regulate operations, make them compliant with international standards, as well as to meet the requirements for participation in international tenders on NPP construction. Certification audit in TÜF Thüringen certification authority was successfully passed, and we received the certificate on conformance of the management system with standard 9001:2008 in the area of design and construction management of facilities intended for peaceful use of nuclear energy as well as production and supply of electric power (reg. No. TIC 15 100 128018).

Unified requirements were introduced for the organization, collection, and analysis of data on production (work, services) quality in the civil nuclear power industry of the Russian Federation, formation and evaluation of successful management solutions, implementation of quality policy of Rosatom State Corporation. Requirements were introduced for organization of the monitoring system of construction and assembly work providing for unified (for all construction sites) collection and analysis of data and information about quality of construction and assembly work.

Financial and Economic Indicators of NPP Construction in 2014
Indicator Unit Plan Actual
Financing* bln rubles 107,5 109,3
Compliance with annual plan % 102%
Increments of non-financial assets bln rubles 151,2 151,8
Compliance with annual plan % 100%
Assimilation of capital expenses bln rubles 155,8 157,5
Compliance with annual plan % 101%

* Investments in fixed capital.

Number of Organizations and Employees Involved in Construction of NPPs in 2014
NPP Number of main organizations involved Total employees engaged including:
engineers and technical employees blue collar workers
Baltic NPP, power units Nos. 1 and 2 4 90 10 80
Beloyarsk NPP, power unit No. 4 59 5 960 762 5 198
Novovoronezh NPP-2, power units Nos. 1 and 2 41 8 021 1 668 6 353
Leningrad NPP-2, power units Nos. 1 and 2 19 4 043 377 3 666
Rostov NPP, power units No. 3 and 4 33 6 062 465 5 597
Total: 156 24 176 3 282 20 894