generating records annual report 2014

Production Capital. Generating Capacities

The record indicator of power generation in 2014 was achieved due to the following factors 1 Reduced timelines for scheduled repairs of power units

Rostov, Balakovo, Kalinin, and Smolensk NPPs, Leningrad NPP, power unit No. 1

On recovery of resource characteristics: Kursk NPP p.u. No. 2, Leningrad NPP p.u. No. 2
2 Cancel/postponement of current repairs of power units for 2015

Balakovo NPP power units Nos. 2, 3, and 4

On recovery of resource characteristics: Kursk NPP, p.u.No. 1
3 Operation of power units at a nominal capacity

Leningrad NPP – power unit No. 1 (from 13.01.2014 to 31.08.2014)

Kursk NPP – power unit No. 2 (from 22.03.2014 to 31.12.2014)
Non-fulfillment of FTS balance by other NPPs was caused by the following: Kola NPP

Power units were operating in a limited dispatching mode due to consumption decrease and power transit restrictions.
Novovoronezh NPP

Two unscheduled stops due to manufacturing defects in turbogenerator at the manufacturing plant.
Beloyarsk NPP

FAs of BN-800 reactor of power unit No. 4 required remedial actions.

Power Generation at the Concern’s NPPs, Bln KWh

Power Generation at the Concern’s NPPs, Bln KWh

Changes in ICUF and AF, %

КИУМ и Кгот в динамике, %

Fulfillment of Balance Target Set Forth by FTS and Generation of Power by Concern’s NPPs, % and Mln KWh

Выполнение баланса ФСТ и выработка электроэнергии АЭС Концерна, % и млн кВт·ч
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Chart of Actual Load and FTS Plan in 2014, MW

График несения фактической нагрузки и план ФСТ в 2014 году, МВт

Deviation from the balace set forth by FTS

Отклонение от ЦУ